My Favourite Childhood Shows

Aside from reading, I used to love watching TV as a kid and well into my pre-teens. I would come home from school, set up my homework at the table and turn on the television to my favourite after school line-up. There are plenty of shows that I could list, but today I’m going to list my absolute favourite ones for you. Maybe we will have some in common?


Lizzie McGuire

disney channel lizzie GIF


GIRL. Let me tell you. This show shaped my life, okay? Lizzie McGuire was the girl next door that every man, woman, and child could relate to (if that even makes any sense, but you get the idea).

Although Lizzie’s character was much older than me at the time (I think I was maybe six or seven when the show aired), I still loved everything about her and I wanted her to be my best friend. NO, wait. I wanted to be her. My friends and I used to attempt her crazy hairstyles, her outfits, and even some of her catchphrases like, “coolio.” I had Lizzie McGuire clothes, books, shoes, posters, you name it.

Even though Lizzie was older than me, I felt that I could relate to her. I never missed an episode and I won’t lie, I have looked up an episode or two on YouTube to relive those glory days.



90s recess GIF


The theme song alone made this show so great. These kids were smart, funny, and were quite the pranksters. I thought they were the most popular kids in the fourth graders at their school!

I loved their playground rules, the Ashleys, King Bob, the Hustler Kid, even Randall at times. I could go on. The things that occurred at recess were definitely not events that ever happened while I was in school, but I was always jealous of that playground and the Ashleys’ hideout!



Kim Possible

kim possible GIF


I SWEAR, all shows from the 2000’s had AMAZING theme songs. Kim’s beeper tone was my freaking ringtone at one point. This girl kept slaying the game, time and time again.

She was the definition of “girl power.” Although she had Ron (and I guess Rufus?) as her sidekick, she did most of the work and showed that a girl can fight just as well as a guy can. On top of being a badass, she also was on top of her grades, on the cheer squad, and a devoted daughter and sister.

Whether she had to fight Dr. Drakken and Shego, Monkey Fist, or Senior Sr. Sr., she kicked ass!


The Weekenders

wayne brady GIF


I still know all the words to this theme song. I think I’ve seen every single episode of this show. It was HILARIOUS. This solid core four could not be broken. Sure, they’d have little spats or arguments, but they always found their way back to each other!

There were some iconic moments in this show. For starters, how that pizza restaurant never had the same name twice; how Tish’s mother would always say “it’s what I say!” when you couldn’t understand her; Just “Tishing” around; I like pointy things. I could go on and on.

I was always curious what it would be like to live in their city! They always hung out at the beach or that awesome arcade. Their houses and their bedrooms were always so cool too! Tino’s room was my favourite in particular because he had that cool step up thing to his bed.


That’s So Raven

thats so raven television GIF


This show would always make me laugh without fail. Raven was such a confident girl and her relationship with her family and friends was admirable. The best part about this show, obviously, was how Raven could see into the future, and all of the crazy things she would do to either get out of what she saw or make whatever she saw happen.

Also, how could you not love her brother Cory and his attempts at making and saving his cash? His trap in his room was the best!

Raven and her friends were also a hoot. Their dances, their comebacks and jokes, and my favourite, “ya nasty.”



Image result for 6teen gif


I think this show was only in Canada but if there are any other Canadian friends out there that watched 6TEEN, then you would know that this was the best cartoon of our childhood.

6TEEN was funny and I honestly still laugh at it today if I watch an episode on YouTube. It was a little too mature for small children to watch and I think I watched it when I was 10 or 11. For those who don’t know, the show was based around six friends that all hung out at the mall. The entire show took place in this one mall where all six of them ended up getting jobs. Drama and comedy would ensue and they would get themselves into sticky situations with the mall cop or other mall goers.

Recently, there was a video posted of the original cast together for a mini episode about voting!! Check it out here: 

Give the video a watch to get a taste of what the show was like! Mind you, there was no cursing on the actual TV series…


Drake and Josh

drake and josh nickelodeon GIF


Yet again, another banging theme song. I wasn’t really into Nickelodeon shows that much, but Drake and Josh was one that I would set aside time for. I always thought that the show was funny and I loved the relationship between Drake and Josh.

Another great part of the show: MEGAN! What a sneaky schemer!

One of my favourite episodes is the Treehouse episode… where Drake and Josh try to rebuild their neighbour’s treehouse. For those who know what I’m talking about… you know.


Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

mighty mohin power rangers GIF


This show made me laugh every single time I watched it, and I bet it still would today. There were so many running jokes, such as Cookie’s printer pants, the weasel, Timmy Toot-Toot, the way the Vice Principal would always whip off his sunglasses, and that basketball that never stopped spinning on Seth’s index finger.

Not only was the show funny, but it also provided legitimate school advice that I actually used in real life… and it was actually helpful. Ned gave some handy studying advice, advice on when is a good time to start a school project, and other tips on how to conquer school and the crowded hallways, plus much more.

I can still hear the theme song in my head… such a great memory!


What were your favourite childhood shows!? Do we have any in common? Leave a comment down below!

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