My Favourite Disney Princesses, RANKED

As some of you may already know, I’m a child at heart. I absolutely love anything and everything Disney. I thought today I’d do a playful post (since it’s Friday and all) and rank my favourite Disney Princesses!


13. Snow White

happy snow white GIF by Disney


The first Disney Princess is the last one my list. Given that this film was done in 1937, and the story itself is also ancient, I will cut some her some slack. However, in this day and age, this Princess is my least favourite of all. She cooks, she cleans, and her biggest desire is to be loved by a man (as most of the Disney Princesses do). I also was never a big fan of hers to begin with. I didn’t like the music that much and I found the film quite boring at a young age.


12. Aurora (AKA Sleeping Beauty)

sleeping beauty disney GIF


Yes, Aurora is gorgeous, but not one of my top fives. Did you know she only has a handful of lines in the movie? I’ll forgive her, though, as she’s asleep the entire time. I also found this movie a little bit pale in comparison to my all time favourite Disney flicks, which is why I’ve given Aurora 12th on the list.


11. Cinderella

a dream is a wish your heart makes love GIF


The music in this movie was much catchier than the other two, so I have Cinderella here as #11. She has set the bar pretty high for single ladies out there. She snagged herself a Prince who was willing to search the entire kingdom with his best men and a left shoe just to find her!


10. Jasmine

disney princess GIF


What a sassy lady! She’s fierce, spunky, and isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, even if that means disguising herself as a commoner and nearly getting her hand chopped off at the market. I have always liked Jasmine’s wit and her style, and also the fact that she has a pet tiger puts her at a comfy 10th place.


9. Ariel

the little mermaid disney GIF


Talk about an influencer. When I was little, I wanted to brush my hair with silverware all because of this fiery redhead. Ariel was one of my long time favourites when I was younger. I loved her songs and her desire for more. After watching it back when I was older, though, Ariel defies her father way too much! Not really the best influencer in retrospect. But, that’s what 16-year-olds do, right?


8. Merida

princess merida laughing GIF


She don’t need no man! Merida can shoot arrows without a strong man guiding the way for her. She’s tough, funny, and has a love for her family, which is what I love about her. Family is so important! She has a very protective nature about her, and she also wants to be just like her father in a way. After turning her mother and brothers in to bears, though, she will most likely never take them for granted again.


7. Anna

Animated GIF


(NOTE: Technically Anna and Elsa aren’t “Disney Princesses” but they both deserve to be on this list)

I feel like I can relate to Anna on a personal level. We both value sleep; we sometimes get excited over the smallest things; but most importantly, we will do anything to protect our sisters. At first, this girl had me rolling my eyes because of how fast she fell for Hans. But, after he was exposed for the player he really was, she put everything into perspective and realized that FAMILY LOVE is love, too! Which is why she snagged herself a spot at #7.


6. Pocahontas

disney hair GIF


What a strong woman! Sure, she fell for a man who was in cahoots with people who were trying to kill her entire tribe, but she ended up saving the day! This girl stood in the middle of a war and gained peace! Let those long locks fly.


5. Elsa

frozen disney princess GIF


Literal QUEEN. She doesn’t need a man, she doesn’t need a castle, and she doesn’t need you to tell her to “let it go” because she already has. Her ice powers alone give her this spot at #5. Elsa is powerful, has a beautiful singing voice and great repertoire, and will do anything for her sister.


4. Tiana

disney princess GIF



This is a hardworking modern woman right here! This girl saved every single penny to buy her own restaurant to live out her late father’s dream. I love Tiana because she is wise, hardworking, and a little bit of a dreamer. She won’t admit it, but she’s wished on a star or two. Wishing on those stars gave her confidence and hope, even when she was a frog. She got her restaurant, became a success, and found love as the cherry on top.


3. Belle

beauty and the beast ariel GIF


I loved Belle so much that when I was little, I would carry a basket of books around the house and sing Belle. I was obsessed and still am. I’m not sure what it is; It could be her love of reading, the amazing songs she sings in the movie, or her courageous decision of taking her father’s place at the Beast’s castle. She is an all-around, great French girl, with a kind heart that everyone seems to love. She is a #rolemodel and #goals.


2. Mulan

shocked disney GIF


Let’s get down to business, am I right? There isn’t too much to say about Mulan that everyone doesn’t already know and love. This girl is one of my favourites because of everything that she sacrificed for her family and her people. She saved China for crying out loud! What’s not to love about her!?


1. Rapunzel

tangled rapunzel GIF by Disney


Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I love Rapunzel, hence why she is #1 on my list. She is so full of hope and dreams and courage. She’s also an artist with a creative eye, which I can relate to. She sings amazing songs, she is willing to take risks, and isn’t running around searching for love! She’s only looking for acceptance and the answer to why the floating lanterns are always out on her birthday. She has a dream, and it’s big! Rapunzel is the hero we needed and she’s one that I adore!


What does your list of favourite Disney Princesses look like? Leave a comment below!

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