Writing ideas from Pinterest

Happy Friday!


I was browsing through Pinterest yesterday in the midst of some writers’ block and I found a few helpful tips and pins that I thought I would share with you all…


The Ultimate Character Questionnaire (over 150 character questions) 

Enjoy this completely free Character Questionnaire to help you dig deeper into your current characters, or create an in-depth overview of brand new characters. Questions include Names, distinguishing facial features, catchphrases, questions about their family, how they view love, and more. (Posted by The Novel Factory)


3 Must-Have Scenes That Reveal Character

If you’re like me, you enjoy the parts in novels where true characters are revealed. When a character decides to betray another, or how they break down emotionally in result of the events going on in their lives, it shows how the character is more than just a character. They’re people.

With this helpful link, you’ll be able to reveal your character’s true character by setting goals and helpful writing hacks. (Posted by Writer’s Write)


How To Plot A Series: 8 Steps

This post will help you plot out your series or novel. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep the plot going and it can go all over the place, especially if you have so many ideas. This post will help you get to where you need to go with 8 helpful steps! (Posted by Now Novel)


Character Writing Tips: Unlikable vs. Not Understood

Every story has an antagonist whether that’s a person, the environment, or an imagined creature. This post will help you create the unlikeable character, and helps distinguish the difference between an unlikeable character and a misunderstood character. The two are incredibly different! (Posted by A Well Told Story)


I hope this post has helped you out a bit and gave you some writing inspo!
Enjoy the weekend!



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