The Best Of Arrested Development

As some of you may already know, Arrested Development is one of my favourite sitcoms. It’s dry humour and quirky characters, along with their recurring jokes, speak to me on an almost spiritual level. I constantly re-watch the series and I’m reminded of all of the good laughs I’ve had while watching this show in the past. With that being said, it influenced me to make a “The Best Of” post, revolving around Arrested Development.

Here are the best and my favourite moments:

1.When Lindsay tried to be a good mom and made a gourmet meal

Image result for arrested development hot ham water

Image from PikView

I don’t know about you but the sound of “hot ham water” makes me feel something… not hungry… just disgusted.


2.When Tobias pretended to be the maid, “Mrs. Featherbottom,” because he missed seeing Maeby and Lindsay when they were separated

Image result for tobias mrs featherbottom gif

Image from GIPHY

Mrs. Featherbottom was a combination of Mrs. Doubtfire and Mary Poppins… you can see the inspiration from both of these characters in this GIF.


3.When Tobias “blue” himself

Image result for tobias i blue myself

Image from Pinterest

All he wanted was to be invited to join the Blue Man group. He was innocent!


4.When Maeby made her way up to being a high-school Hollywood executive just by saying the phrase “Marry me!”

Image result for maeby marry me gif

Image from

Don’t get the wrong impression, everyone! She’s just working her way to the top.


5.When Lucille took George Michael to “Motherboy XXX” and made him dress up as Sonny and Cher

Image result for lucille sonny and cher arrested development

Image from Basement Rejects

You can see the excitement written all over George Michael’s face.


6.When Buster got attacked by a loose seal right after having a heated argument with his mother, Lucille

Image result for buster loose seal

Image from Pinterest

This needs no explanation.


7.When the Bluths adopted “Annyong”

Image result for arrested development annyong gif

Image from Gyfcat

 Annyong in Korean means “hello.” When the Bluths first met him, he said “Annyong,” and they assumed that was his name. Then, when they would call for Annyong, he would reply with Annyong, and the viscous cycle would start from there.


8.Ann Veal

Image result for arrested development ann gif

Image from

She’s been called “Annabelle,” “Egg,” “Who,” and the most famous of all, “Her?”


9.When Buster had to cope with his hook 

Image result for arrested development im a monster

Image from GIPHY

After having his left hand bitten off by a loose seal, Buster had to result to a hook hand for a while, which resulted in him accidentally stabbing, scratching, hooking, or other forms of hurting, other people.


10.When Lucille fired the maid and replaced her with a Rumba

Image result for arrested development rumba

Image from Pinterest

Clearly Lupe was replaceable.


11.When the Bluths had different versions of the chicken dance

Image result for arrested development chicken dance gif

Image from

“Have any of you ever seen a chicken before?”


12.When the Bluth family tried to raise money for “T.B.A.”

Image result for arrested development tba

Image from BuzzFeed

Only this family could get away with raising $25k to a charity that is TBA.


13.Lucille’s wink

Image result for arrested development lucille wink gif

Image from GIPHY

“I thought the bottle was winking at me.”


14.When Gob and his puppet recorded an album on racism together

Image result for arrested development gob and franklin it ain't easy

Image from Pinterest

Such an inspirational and notable tune.


15.When Buster joined the army to get back at Lucille

Arrested Development Seal GIF

Image from GIPHY

“THESE ARE MY AWARDS, MOTHER. FROM ARMY.” (But they were actually from the claw machine at the local arcade)


16.When Tobias was asked to be a “mole”

Image result for arrested development tobias mole

Image from GIPHY

Not that kind of mole, Tobias. He brought terror on tiny town.


17.When Buster had juice

Arrested Development Drinking GIF

Image from GIPHY

If you give a Buster juice, he will ask for a cookie… well, not exactly. If you give Buster juice, it’s the same as giving a teenager free alcohol. Absolute chaos.



Image result for arrested development steve holt

Image from Arrested Development Wiki

If you know, you know.


19.When Gob made a mistake

Arrested Development Mistake GIF

Image from GIPHY

Because huge mistakes can be tiny, too.


20.When Tobias never heard what came out of his mouth

Image result for arrested development michael leaving

Image from Tumblr

He really doesn’t hear himself talk, does he?


21.When Lucille wanted breakfast

Image result for arrested development lucille with toast

Image from Pinterest

It sounds healthy, balanced, and nutritious.


22.When Lucille had the sassiest reply to her own daughter

Image result for arrested development lucille and lindsay busy doing nothing

Image from Pinterest

I felt that burn from here.


23.When George would always trick his twin Oscar into taking his place

Image result for arrested development I'm oscar

Image from



24.When George Michael had to hide his excitement on a depressing day

Image result for arrested development Its a great day for being sad

Image from

Try to look a little less happy, George Michael.


25. And lastly, this iconic moment

Image result for arrested development where can I get a necklace

Image from Pinterest

Oh Maeby. You’ll learn some day.


Are you a fan of Arrested Development? What are your favourite moments? Share them down below!


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