My favourite Instagram accounts to follow

I’ll say it: I love Instagram. Yes, there are times where I feel like I’ve spent days looking at memes when I should have been more productive, but the app still provides me with a small glimpse into people’s lives, especially celebrity lives.

We used to see it in magazines everywhere – celebrities are just like us! They pump their own gas! They grocery shop for their own food! It used to seem like a myth. Now, through Instagram, we see that it is indeed true. A lot of celebrities are like us normal, average people.

I follow a lot of celebrities on the platform, and I’m going to share with you my favourite celebrity/verified accounts to follow!


Chrissy Teigen, @chrissyteigen

Chrissy’s Instagram account is by far my #1 favourite. First off, she is hilarious. All of her stories and posts are raw and totally down to earth. Second, she shares incredibly family photos, such as the one above. Luna is the cutest baby on the planet! If you want a funny, and also fashionable and family oriented account to follow, definitely follow Chrissy!


Neil Patrick Harris, @nph

NPH’s Instagram account is full of fun family adventures, cute photos of his kids, and great vacations, like the awesome photo above! His kids are adorably stylish (they’re the two cuties on the right) and he and his husband are also couple goals. He also shares a lot of behind the scenes footage on current projects! He has a few clips and photos from A Series Of Unfortunate Events on there if you want to check it out!


Joanna Stevens Gaines, @joannagaines

Joanna Gaines’ style is 100% style goals. If I could have her furnish my future house, I would. Her Instagram account is full of previous and current design projects, as well as cute family photos and other updates on her farm and her family company, Magnolia. Give Joanna a follow for some interior design, and baking, motivation!


Lili Reinhart, @lilireinhart

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This is an ad for bathrobes.

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Looking for some behind the scenes Riverdale action? Lili is just one of the girls to follow on Instagram for that. You can also check out @camimendes, @kjapa, @madelame, or @colesprouse for that, too.


Chris Pratt, @prattprattpratt

Chris’ Instagram is so full of fun and smiles, and also #farmlife. His captions are witty and his videos are equally funny and show Chris’ hilarious character. He also shares some photos and videos of current projects, and he frequently uses Instagram Story and Live to interact with fans!


Zoe Sugg, @zoella

My favourite blogger and YouTuber of all time! Zoe’s Instagram page is as stylish, trendy, and bright as she is. Her page has pops of colour and her Instagram Stories are always thought out and eye-catching. If you’re looking to follow someone fun and lively, Zoe is your girl.


Henry Cavill, @henrycavill

This handsome gent is always posting about his runs, his fans, his dog, and his latest projects! Currently, he’s promoting Mission Impossible: Fallout and his Instagram Stories are full of fun and press activities! If you’re looking to see a cute man with his dog, give Henry Cavill a follow!


Disney, @disney

Of COURSE I would follow this account. Disney is, of course, anything and everything Disney. No need for more explanation!


Emilia Clarke, @emilia_clarke

I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones and Emilia Clarke’s Instagram just gives me all of the GoT vibes, especially when she hangs with her costars, like in the photo above.


Ryan Reynolds, @vancityreynolds

If you’re looking for some good, witty, Canadian comedy, Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram is for you. If you also love his Twitter page, then you’ll love his Instagram account.


Mindy Kaling, @mindykaling

Mindy with a chocolate cake! I love this. It really makes me think that she and her character on The Mindy Project are exactly the same. Her Instagram profile is motivational, funny, and just full of quirky Mindy.


Ellen, @theellenshow

This Instagram profile is exactly what you expect to be. It’s funny, it’s charming, it’s Ellen! There are clips from her show, cute babies and puppies, and also behind the scene clips.


Cardi B, @iamcardib

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Lols 😂😂❤️❤️I cant wait

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I LOVE Cardi B. Her Instagram account is full of funny memes and some slaying photos, and even the occasional video of Cardi in a towel turban.


Brie Larson, @brielarson

It’s Captain Marvel herself! I love Brie’s Instagram profile because it is so vulnerable and down to earth. She also shows off a lot of her fitness routines while she was in training for Captain Marvel and in addition, she posts a lot of inspirational quotes!


Tom Holland, @tomholland2013

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Sorry for no announcements, but I love you guys ♥️

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If you love Tom Holland, then you’ll love his Instagram account. He occasionally accidentally leaks something from the MCU here and there.


Joe Santagato, @joesantagato

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Joe’s Instagram is full of clips of his YouTube videos, his podcasts, and also a few cool shots. His Stories are what make me laugh the most, though. Give Joe a follow if you want some good laughs!


Reese Witherspoon, @reesewitherspoon

Reese’s Instagram account is one of my personal favourites. It’s colourful, girly, and full of so many topics like books, food, fashion, and TV and movies. Her Instagram stories are always very personable and usually feature other celebrity cameos!


What are your favourite Instagram accounts? Share them below!

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