The Best of Michael Scott

I’m going to try something funny and light today! I had a great idea.

As most of you know, I am an avid TV watcher and Netflix binger. I have lots of television faves, and I thought I’d start a “The Best Of” type of post where I list the best or my favourite moments of a TV or Movie, or a specific character/episode. Sound cool? Cool.

Today I’m starting off with a good’n. It’s from my favourite show of all time. The one I’ve seen over 20 times. It’s The Best of Michael Gary Scott from The Office. Sit back and enjoy the goofy list.

1.When Michael tries to describe a fine wine

party home GIF


Yes, Michael. Yes. I think that is exactly the word you were looking for.


2.When Michael bought a fur coat

Image result for michael scott burlington coat factory

Image from Pinterest

The Burlington Coat Factory Tragedy of Scranton, Pennsylvania.


3.When all Michael wanted was to order a cool Italian meal to intimidate a so-called “mafia crime lord”

Image result for michael scott gabagool

Image from Redbubble

Nothing says intimidating like ordering the “gabba-gool.”


4.When Michael had no idea where he was going with his conversation

Image result for michael scott improv conversation

Image from “The Office Quotes”

It’s a good thing Michael took weekly improv classes or else this would have been an utter disaster.


5.When Michael tried to show off his trick shots

michael scott GIF


So close, yet so far…


6.When Michael found an alternate way to handle his stress

Image result for michael scott running away from responsibilities

Image from Pinterest

This is probably the most relatable thing Michael has ever done. I mean, I haven’t actually jumped on to a freight train to run away from stress, but, like, I think about doing it….


7.When Michael perfectly expressed how it feels to be at work every single day and not want to work at all

Related image



8.When Michael showed his passion for chocolate turtles

steve carell GIF


Note to self: Never eat Michael’s chocolate.


9.When Michael took the GPS way too literally

Image result for michael scott drives into lake gif



10.When Michael tried to scare people about prison, even though he’s never committed a crime in his entire life

Image result for michael scott the dementors


“The dementors? Like, in… Harry Potter?”


11.When Michael tried to carb up before a big 5K

Image result for michael scott fettuccine alfredo gif

Image from Pinterest

Nothing says carbing up like eating a giant plate of creamy, fettuccini alfredo.


12.When Michael showed everyone how to remain calm during an emergency

Image result for michael scott stay calm


The best way to escape a burning building is to push everyone out of the way and help yourself.


13.When Michael tried to prove he could survive on his own in the wilderness

Image result for michael scott survivorman

Image from Oh So Geeky

Don’t you just love that pant leg hat?


14.When inside jokes weren’t a thing back in Michael’s day

Image result for michael scott inside jokes

I don’t think he quite understands the concept, here…


15.When Michael brought out Date Mike to the bar

 date mike GIF


“Hey. I’m Date Mike. Nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning?”


16.When Michael was feeling the energy from the crowd

Image result for michael scott spin


“Don’t do the twirl.” “It’s not a twirl, it’s a spin.” “Okay, well don’t do the spin.” *Does the spin*


17.When Michael became the master of the steel drums after his trip to Sandals Resort in Jamaica

Image result for michael scott feeling hot hot hot

“Feeeeeeling” *taps drums* “hot, hot, hot!” *poses for Pam.*


18.And lastly, when Michael did the best thing of all… propose to Holly Flax 

Image result for michael scott proposes to holly

GIF from Buzzfeed

“Your wife becoming be will I!” Do or do not there is no try… and Michael DID and it was a roaring success of a proposal!


That wraps up the first “The Best Of” post. Funny? Charming? Did it make you giggle? Honestly, I can watch this show non stop and still find it funny. Plenty of these fun and light posts to come!




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