15 things all Binge-Watchers experience while Binge-Watching

​​I thought I would do another fun and light post on this lovely Friday! As some of you may know, I do love to binge some good shows on Netflix here and there, and I realized a lot of my friends go through the same ups and downs as I do while binge-watching. I’ve compiled a list of emotions that we all go through while bingeing…


1.The first tedious task… Finding a show to binge

annoyed over it GIF by WE tv

All binge-watchers have been here. It almost feels as if it’s the point of no return. The tension in the shoulders, the annoying sighs, the ants in the pants… The tedious task of picking a show to watch can last hours, if anything, a day.


2.Once you finally pick a show, you realize the Pilot episode isn’t too shabby

not bad james corden GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden


The first episode is played and you realize that the show isn’t so bad. Then, you get hooked in the episode and your whole life begins to change…


3.The show sucks you in, and you start to consider if your body really needs the things that it does in order to survive.

jenna bush hager love GIF


Which one takes less time? How quickly can I sleep? Will I fall asleep in the shower? Do they make shower-proof laptop cases?


4.All of a sudden, there’s a huge plot twist, and you can’t help but get excited.

stephen colbert suspense! GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


Drama, death, horror, betrayal – whatever it is, the show just got 100 times better and you’re loving every second of it.


5.At this point, you start to realize there’s no turning back, and you’ve become attached.

darth vader GIF


No one understands your obsession. No one understands how the show grips and captivates you. The “Dark Side” of binge-watching can be so bad, yet so good.


6.You search long and hard for a friend or family member that will watch, or has seen, the show.

sarah paulson please GIF


You’ve been hooked, and you want someone to experience the same things as you. No matter how much you beg and plea, no one will watch the show with you.


7.Then, you find them. That one person who has seen the show or is currently watching it, and your world changes even more.

carmelo anthony hug GIF by NBA


OMG! Now you have someone to text while watching the show in your separate houses, and in your own beds! This takes binge-watching to the next level.


8.As the show progresses, it becomes juicer… and that one bitch you hate in the series gets a taste of their own medicine and it turns into the best day of your life.

happy fun GIF


There’s usually at least one person in every show that a binge-watcher doesn’t like. It can be the protagonist, the antagonist, or the damn annoying neighbour. It doesn’t matter anymore though, because now they’re gone or their lives have officially been ruined, and you have never been happier!


9.To add to your happiness, your OTP becomes an official item.

happy jonah hill GIF


The couple you’ve been shipping for the past four seasons has officially made moves and becomes a pair. Nothing can stop you now! You’re on Cloud Nine!


10.Then, your whole world crashes… Your favourite character(s)/couple has become flawed, damaged, or worse… they die, and you can’t handle it.

Screaming Shia Labeouf GIF


What have they done? Why would they do this? DO THEY KNOW HOW MUCH THIS CHARACTER MEANS TO SOCIETY? (*Cough, cough* Game of Thrones…)


11.You’re forced to move on, more specifically, with the series, because you really have nothing else to do with your life.

jim carrey joel barish GIF


Just when you think you can move on with your life, the show continues to go on, and you get pulled right back in to it. What else do you have to do, really?


12.You blow off plans because the show is much more interesting.

im busy social media GIF by CBC


Go out tonight? In public? Where you have to put on real pants? Real clothes? No thanks.


13.The dreaded moment comes… You click on the next episode and it’s titled “Finale”

wta GIF

You want to pretend like it doesn’t exist, however, throwing your laptop under the bed won’t make the series last forever.


14.Then, it happens… the series comes to a close, and you start to wonder who you are without the show.

Got GIF by Game of Thrones: #PrepareForWinter


You feel cold and empty. You feel alone. You smell, you’re hairy, and you haven’t moved from your spot in 14 hours. What are you supposed to do now? What is the purpose of life without the show? Who are you going to see every single hour of the day? WHAT IS THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS?


15.Finally, you grow. You move on. You’ve learned from the show, leaving a better and smarter person, and you feel like yourself again.

i did it love GIF by NETFLIX


You can come out of your cave and see the sunlight again. The show is over. Although it may feel as if a piece of you ended along with the show, your experience will last a lifetime.



Binge-watching is a lifestyle, not meant for the weak. Only the strong can truly survive. Then, the cycle starts all over again with another series…


What shows have you binge-watched? Leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “15 things all Binge-Watchers experience while Binge-Watching

  1. priya says:

    Hahaha I loved this post! I’m in the middle of binge watching Black Mirror and this encapsulates me entire mood while watching the show perfectly! xx


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