My Favourite TV Bromances

If you have read my Hello post, you’ll know that I am a huge TV and movie buff. I spend a lot of time multitasking with Netflix on in the background. For instance, as I’m getting ready in the morning, I have Netflix set up on my iPad; when I’m doing sprints on the treadmill at the gym, I have the show I’m currently binging downloaded on my phone. While I’ve watched a lot of shows, I’ve come to also love a lot of the friendships that unfold in front of me. So, with that being said, I thought I’d post a fun blog post today, as it’s Friday and a long weekend for me! Here are my Favourite TV Bromances!


Joey Tribbiani, Ross Gellar & Chandler Bing Friends

Image result for joey ross and chandler gif


Of course this trio would be at top of the list. These guys are an iconic threesome, bopping and dancing their way into our hearts from the very first episode.  The dilemma always stands though: who is best friends with who? Is Chandler Ross’ best friend? Or is Joey Chandler’s best friend? The men continuously love to argue about that, which makes the three of them hilarious and too cute to handle.


Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen & Barney Stinson How I Met Your Mother

Image result for ted marshall and barney gif


It always amazes me that these three are best friends. Ted and Marshall, I can understand; they went to college together and started off as roommates. Barney is the total opposite of the two, and I think that is what complements the group, greatly. With Ted’s mission to find love, Marshall’s strange but funny quirks, and Barney’s need to do everything “legendary,” these three are one of the best bromances around.


Michael Scott & Dwight Schrute The Office

Image result for dwight and michael gif


Although Michael would probably never admit it, he and Dwight are best buds. I’m sure everyone has seen The Office. I’ve seen it too many times to count. These two have done a lot together. For instance, such as driving a car into a lake, helping prepare for a baby, sabotage, and more. That’s what makes these two so great.


Nick Miller, Winston Bishop & Schmidt New Girl

Image result for nick winston and schmidt gif


I LOVE these guys. They are all so funny, different, and strange in their own way, but yet, they manage to love each other so much without killing one another. How they managed to live in that apartment without burning it to the ground, I will never know.


Sherlock Holmes & John Watson Sherlock

Image result for john and sherlock gif


Another bromance that they will never admit to. Sherlock and John are a dynamic duo, solving crimes and constantly protecting each other and their loved ones. The amount of times that these two are often mistaken for a couple is hilarious, as John is married with his own wife and child, and Sherlock has no sense of social cues. Yet, these two always have each other’s backs, no matter what the case is.


Rogelio de la Vega & Michael Cordero – Jane the Virgin

Image result for rogelio and michael gif

The CW

Probably the bromance that made me laugh out loud the most. These two are so funny, especially Rogelio. They went on spa dates together, got pedicures, and shared lots of gossip. They even had a special handshake!


Jake Peralta & Charles Boyle – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image result for jake and charles gif


Charles’ love for Jake is what makes this bromance so precious. Charles knows all too much about Jake’s life, but yet Jake appreciates everything Charles knows about him. Their friendship, and partnership on the job, is what makes their friendship so strong and hilariously funny.


Gob Bluth & Tony Wonder – Arrested Development

Image result for gob and tony wonder gif


Bromance turned real romance? All Gob wanted was to look up to Tony Wonder and get his magician secrets, but little did he know, he would develop a small “crush” on Tony (which really was a friendship but he mistakenly took as romantic interest).


Lucas Scott & Nathan Scott – One Tree Hill

Image result for lucas and nathan scott gif

The CW

This one is a real bromance. These two are actual brothers. At first, they hated each other, but after realizing they were family, and their mutual friends began getting closer and closer, these two turned into the best of friends and best of brothers.


Who are your favourite TV bromances? Got any favourite TV bromances that aren’t listed? Comment them down below!

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