Types of people you will meet in your life

Although I’m not the oldest person around, I’ve had my fair share of meeting different kinds of people, whether that be in uni, at work, or even at a bar. I’ve come to learn that there are different kinds of people, and some will come and go, while others stick around for the long haul. Here’s a list of people (that aren’t family) that I’ve met so far in my life, and I hope to meet a lot more, too.


The Childhood Bestie


Photo by Trinity Kubassek on Pexels.com

This is the person that has always been there for you since day one; the person you befriend on your first day of school, the one you meet down the street when you move into a new house, the kid who has your back on the soccer team, or even a sibling or cousin. This friend is your one true friend and will always be there for you, no matter what. In some cases, these people aren’t as close anymore, but they will always drop everything and be there for you when you need them. In my case, I’m still best friends with mine to this very day.

You want to keep these people close to you as long as possible. This person knows all of your dark truths and embarrassing moments, and if they aren’t related to you by blood, you treat them as if they are. Your parents do, too. You can walk into their house and open the refrigerator door without feeling guilty or impolite because their place is basically your second home. You’ve slept over on numerous occasions, have had late night snacks and early mornings breakfast feasts, made forts and climbed trees, went for long bike rides and adventures, and went on short shopping trips and long excursions. You have made life long memories at each other’s homes and with one another. This friend is so important, and will shape how you see other people and treat others, too.


The Green-Eyed Monster or Bully

adult angry beautiful blond

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You may find it hard to believe at times and think of yourself as an average Joe, but there are people out there that envy what you have or what you have accomplished. These people will show up in various points of your life. For instance, that mean girl on the playground that purposely excludes you from everything; or that guy in class who talks loudly about the party that he knows you aren’t invited to. Some people are just insecure, and the only way to make themselves feel sure of who they are is to tear other people down.

Of course, there are severe cases of bullies and I’m only speaking of the blatantly rude loud mouths that try to provoke you or exclude you. I’ve been there. It’s not great, but you have to remember that these people are SO not worth it, and they won’t matter at all in five years. You probably won’t even remember their names in ten years.


The First Crush

love people romance engagement

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This person will mean a whole lot to you. This person will show you how to care for another person in ways you cannot imagine. This person may be your best friend or someone you met at school. Your first crush sometimes is the first person you officially date, or sometimes it is someone you admire from afar.

In my experience, my first crush was when I was seven years old and I saw him in class. I had to hand out papers to the rest of the students and I swear to you, my tiny little heart skipped a beat.


The First REAL Heartbreaker

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This person is everything. You will genuinely care about this person, but they won’t reciprocate and they will break it up. I won’t lie to you, it will hurt a lot. But you will have to remember that there are truly “other fish in the sea.” Cry, wallow, do what you have to do. But remember, this won’t be the end of the world. You’ll find someone better, or in some cases, you both grow and find your way back to each other.

In my experience, I was totally crushed. He was so kind and sweet so it really came as a surprise to me. As much as it stings when I think back on it, I realize that he and I are completely different people. I have matured a lot and he has stayed the same. Don’t settle for someone who will weigh you down when you are floating up to the top!


The “Bro”

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I hate to say it but everyone will meet at least one “bro” in their life. For me, it’s always at the bar. This is the guy that will be loud, rowdy, and always looking for a high-five while he’s spilling his pint of beer in the other hand. Sometimes, these guys can be fun to hang with, but only to a certain extent (AKA before they get kicked out of the bar).

I once met a guy at a bar who told me to “lower my standards.” He definitely falls under this category.


The Favourite Co-Worker

advice advise advisor business

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You will find this person at your first, part-time job, and even at your every day, 9-5 career. There will always be one person you want to spend lunch with and gossip to. They are sometimes a little bit different than you are, and maybe the only thing you two will have in common is your place of work and the fact you both like to binge-watch The Office. However, you two create some strange bond and end up being friends even when one of you leaves that place of work.


The Fall-Out Friend

man beside window wearing black jacket

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I think that there will be at least one of these types of people in everyone’s lives. The “Fall-Out Friend” is the person that you will be close with for a long time, and one day you will no longer be friends. This can happen through distance, growing apart, or simply a small argument.

In my experience, I have had three people become a “Fall-Out Friend,” and for all three of them, I still do not know why they became this friend to this day. It’s very upsetting, to tell you the honest truth. They were very important to me during a point in my life, but of course, I healed with time and moved on. It was the universe’s way of saying that they will not make a difference in my life and I will accomplish great things without them. Maybe they were holding me back from becoming my best self? I will never know.


The Best Boss

man holding white teacup in front of gray laptop

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This person will make you enjoy getting up for work every single morning. These people will be fun, understanding, and also a great team player and excellent person to work for. Now, I’m not sure everyone will have this person in their life, but I know quite a few people that have/do.

I certainly have had this person in my life. He was the absolute best boss I’ve ever had. He was so funny, young and hip, and a hard worker. He and I always had great conversations and jokes, and to be quite honest, I wish I could keep him as my boss no matter where I work.


The Project Partners

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Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

These will be the people you see only at school, are good acquaintances, and always pair up when a group project is assigned. I was lucky enough that my best friends were always in my classes, so we ended up being pairs all the time. However, I have been in situations where they were away or they switched classes and I had to find someone else to be project partners with.

These people will always be good to have around. You don’t necessarily hangout outside of class too much, but when you get together for projects, it’s always a good time.


Even though these types of people are an eclectic mix, I’m so glad that I have met them and experienced them. Without these people, I wouldn’t have been able to learn and grow, and know who stay close to and stay away from.


Have you met any of these kinds of people before, or have you met some types of people that aren’t on the list? Share your thoughts below!

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